3 Exotic Garden Designs for Your Minimalist Home

To increase the appearance of your minimalist house, the homeowners can not only focus on its interior but also exterior design. Nowadays the exterior design is becoming important since a garden is an important part of any house. In the absence of gardens, houses would look barren.

Nice and Exotic Garden Landscape

If creating a natural garden design, we can have it either indoors or outdoors. But if you have a minimalist garden as home interior it will make your home more comfortable, beautiful and impressing.

To presence an exotic garden in your home, there are two important things you should consider, which are the arrangement of the gardens and the materials used. What kind of garden you can create, let’s refer the model below:

Dry Garden

The first model is a Dry Garden. Not all home residents want to bring the garden inside his home. Generally, The ones that have a good taste in beauty. If the area available is very narrow you can utilize some of the coral stone with a flower pot. The coral rock is spread on the area that will be made of the garden. Then in the middle, you can put a pot of cactus or snake plants. This design gives the impression of a natural garden for you.

.Wet Garden

The second is wet. If you like a fresh plant in your house you have to locate your garden in an area with enough sunlight. Moreover, this model of garden needs an intensive treatment so your houseĀ  is not dirty. Usually, a wet garden has green grass on the ground with some flower pots embellish the corners of the room. If you like to grow a tree, the common trees to be plantedĀ  are bonsai. It is because they are not growing quickly.

Vertical Garden

The last model for those who only have limited area but still want to enjoy the fresh air produced by foliage in the house, you may try to create an indoor vertical garden. You simply provide a foundation media where your plant will live and grow, then put on the wall. Another media you can use are small pots or jar which are arranged to the top . Anything with reasonable size can be planted in the vertical garden.

The most common location to put a vertical garden is near the bathroom, kitchen or dining room. This small garden can be a decorative element replacement for painting or hanging decoration. However, though the media used are generally smaller, the indoor vertical garden requires more attention. So, try to put it in a place that is easy to see and reach.

Exotic Garden Design in Different Look Decorative Plants for Exotic Garden Exterior