5 Ways to Make Your Houseplants Happy

The key to making the houseplants growing happy is how to make the houseplants feel at home with the right environment.

Your house should be a perfect place for them to grow, but the problem sometimes you have no idea why are they turning yellow or wilting.

To create a green and healthy plant, you need the combination of 3 elements includes light, soil, and moisture. The plant just like human being needs a place like their native home. It would be very useful if you know the type of plant, where they came from and in which condition they can thrive well. A good advice said it will helpful if you imitate their native.

Nice Houseplants Decorating Ideas

Bellow are the simple steps you can do for your houseplants, so they are not only growing but also staying green and healthy.

Step 1

Since each plant has different water need, you have to observe the change of the houseplants according to the need of the water. In which seasons are they growing actively.

Step 2

Do not wait until your plant thoroughly dries out. It makes your plant stressful. Watering the plant properly will keep it always moist. Like a sponge, your plant will keep the water and with a soft squeeze, they able to get a drop or two of water.

Step 3

The soil of your plant should be always moist.  To retain the soil moist you have to layer the soil with mulch, moss or some gravel. If you are a busy person who does not have enough time for watering your plant, it would be better when you try a soil water retention. By using this soil you can reduce how often you need to water your houseplants.

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Step 4

For the houseplants growing green, healthy and lusher they need feeds. Compost and organic fertilizers feeds your soil as well as your houseplants. They should be added when you start preparing your garden or your containers.  If you don’t know how to make a compost, you just can buy a ready to use plant food so there’s no mixing, measuring or mistakes!

Step 5

Protect your houseplants  from range of bugs. The latest insecticide works in two ways. First, it can hit the existing pest and then the second it creates stronger and prevent from a new attack.

Houseplants Carying Tips and Ideas Great Combination of Houseplants Design

Nice Houseplants Decorating Ideas
Nice Houseplants Decorating Ideas
Houseplants Carying Tips and Ideas
Houseplants Carying Tips and Ideas
Great Combination of Houseplants Design
Great Combination of Houseplants Design