4 Complete Tips for Vegetable Garden Layout

Having a vegetable garden and productively harvesting your nutrient requirement from vegetable is quite easy and not a difficult task, actually. The vegetable garden layout could determine its success, thus it is quite important to do it right. If you are looking for a good layout for your upcoming vegetable garden, you are probably in lucky as you find this article. These are some ideas about vegetable garden layout that you can adapt to your garden improvement.

Beautiful Vegetable Garden Ideas 4 Complete Tips for Vegetable Garden Layout

Pick a Site

The first vegetable garden layout idea will be picking a good site for your garden. You probably have known that more sunlight for the garden site will be better, but you will need only minimum six hours of direct sunlight each day. As a result, you need to make sure the spot or the site that you select is not shaded during the day by trees, walls, or other covers. Not to mention, you will need to place your site well away from large trees that can compete your small garden plant for the moisture and nutrients. Also, whether you are just getting started with vegetable gardening, you probably want to consider starting with just a small container gardening.

Think of a Layout Idea

Then, of course you need to think about the vegetable garden layout idea. As you many expert recommendation, raised beds are the popular way to grow vegetable in garden. The soil in raised garden beds warms quickly in specific season and they can be filled with high quality topsoil. The raised beds need to be accessible from all sides so the entire parts of it can be reached from the edge. You can design your vegetable garden layout by yourself so some of your garden plants get progressively taller from the south edge to the north. Whether you are planning with a small space, there are some easy plant combinations which enjoyable for harvesting like these.

• Corn salad garden, for example bell peppers, sweet corn, purple basil
• Salad garden, for example arugula, romaine lettuce, nasturtium
• Pesto garden, for example spinach, garlic chives, sweet basil
• Salsa garden, for example chives, cilantro, tomatillos, hot peppers
• Veggie pizza garden, for example tomatoes, oregano, bell peppers

Prepare the Site

For the best vegetable garden layout, you will need to prepare the site too. You probably agree that raised beds are a great way to get started with a new vegetable garden as they are quite simple to build and could be filled with good quality topsoil as an alternative of amending existing soil. Before creating your own raised bed in your garden and filling it with topsoil, you need to make sure your backyard or front yard is completely prepared.

Choose Your Plants

Choosing the garden plants will also determine the vegetable garden layout. Depending on the season, many vegetables are easy to grow in summer such as peppers, tomatoes, beans, squash, corn, and cucumbers. Differently, for spring and fall season, some plants like lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, and carrots are a good option since they will grow easily. Whether you are confused of where to start with your vegetable garden, you can consider these plants which work well together and probably the best plant for your vegetable garden layout.

• Bell peppers, such as green peppers will turn red, orange, and yellow. You can spread the seeds when the soil is fully warmed.
• Cucumbers, you need to go for a compact version and you cannot sow the seeds until the soil is fully warmed if you prefer to use this plant.
• Green beans are quite great alongside lettuce. Green beans are matures before beans ripen
• Hot peppers, you can try a container vegetable garden which is filled with a few varieties of hot peppers, if you don’t have extra space and you prefer to use them.
• Lettuce, you will need to sow lettuce in spring and after summer based on the temperature.
• Squash, if you prefer this plant, you need to use bush variety to save space

Those are some ideas about vegetable garden layout. In summary, you need to pick a site, think the layout idea, prepare the site, and choose the plants for the best vegetable garden layout. Ask some experienced persons in gardening for the best advice. Are you ready to have an amazing vegetable garden?

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